From its conception, MSI has been at the forefront of choke and manifold design.  With our ever growing choke and manifold line, we offer unique solutions for the flow control sector of the oil and gas industry.  From 1″ or 2″ cement/stand pipe manifolds to 3″x4″ squeeze/gravel pack manifolds to complete hydraulically operated choke and kill manifolds for H2S or standard service, MSI will work with you to provide the right product for the project.

The Large Capacity Trash Catcher manifold is one of our newest designs.

Large Capacity Trash Catcher




    Bypass Layout Manifolds



Cement Manifolds

Manifold1 copy


Box Layout Manifolds




Frac Flowback Manifolds

Frac Flowback



Squeeze/Gravel Pack Manifolds

manifold5 copy