QIH-1000 HP QuintuPlex


The largest compact style plunger pump, the QIH-1000 well service compact pump. Our 1000 brake horsepower quintuplex plunger pump is suited for acidizing, cementing, gravel packing, coil tubing, frac and well stimulation services. The QIH-1000 is currently the highest horsepower rated pump capable of being mounted in a back to back configuration and staying within standard DOT regulation widths.

The MSI QIH-1000 is equipped with the ON-CENTER CROSSHEAD design which:

  • Eliminates 6250 ft-lbs of torque about the wrist pin compared to offset design
  • Lowers crosshead bearing pressure by 30% at the start of stroke
  • Lowers crosshead bearing pressure by 100% at end of stroke
  • Allows for installation of pumps back to back within 102″
  • Reduces friction between crosshead and crosshead guides
  • Results in low operating lube oil temperatures
  • Results in high mechanical efficiency

Every new MSI QIH-1000 pump includes higher strength than standard, fully machined from face to shank 1-3/8″ fluid end bolts with rolled threads and a torque indicator installed in the head of the bolt, which provides the end user with the following advantages:

  • In-service monitoring ability to warn users of premature fatigue or looseness
  • Ability to tighten bolts to proper torque requirements without a torque wrench
  • Quick and reliable inspection time of visual gage
  • Help to prevent expensive down time

The QIH-1000 fluid end can be changed to encompass a wide range of high pressure or high volume requirements

  • Small fluid end accepts 2 3/4″ and 3″ plunger sizes for high pressures capable of over 2 barrel a minute rates at pressures greater than 16,000 psi.
  • Large fluid end accepts 3 1/2″ , 4″, and 4 1/2″ plunger sizes for high volume requirements with capable rates of over 13 barrels a minute

All MSI pumps are manufactured under Dixie Iron Works, Ltd ISO 9001 quality program established and certified in 1993.