TIH-600 HP TriPlex



The TIH-600 is a 600 brake horsepower triplex pump that comes with many standard features, but its most important feature is the MSI commitment to Quality.

The MSI TIH-600 Pump is a re-engineered well service pump.  The first compact well service pump to utilize the 2 plunger design which eliminates contamination of the power end.  The MSI Hybrid Triplex Pump is the first and only of it’s kind which includes:

  • 16 Position Gear Box for both left and right-hand configurations
  • 2 Fluid End options for either high-pressure or high-volume service
  • Power Frame designed for added strength and longevity
  • Tools, toolbox, drip-pan and the suction manifold are standard items with each pump.
  • Plunger Greasing System can be installed and shipped with the pump for an extra charge.
  • All external and internal components are phosphate coated for corrosion protection.

The MSI TIH-600 is equipped with the ON-CENTER CROSSHEAD design which:

  • Eliminates 6250 ft-lbs of torque about the wrist pin compared to offset design
  • Lowers crosshead bearing pressure by 30% at the start of stroke
  • Lowers crosshead bearing pressure by 100% at end of stroke
  • Allows for installation of pumps back to back within 102″
  • Reduces friction between crosshead and crosshead guides
  • Results in low operating lube oil temperatures
  • Results in high mechanical efficiency

Left/Right configuration changes are made easier by the following features in the TIH-600:

  • Dual lube-pipe system eliminates changes to external lube supply lines.
  • Bolt-on feet mean removing and reversing crankshaft is no longer required.
  • Top and bottom flange adapters for changing Oil Breather cap and Oil Drain connection

Fluid Ends can be changed to encompass a wide range of high pressure or high volume requirements.

  • Small Fluid End accepts 2-3/4 and 3-inch plungers for high pressure service
  • Large Fluid End accepts 3-1/2, 4, and 4-1/2 plunger sizes for high volume service

The TIH-600 has a footprint of 19 square feet making it ideal for jobs where space is at a premium.

The TIH-600 is suited for acidizing, cementing, gravel packing, coil tubing and well stimulation.

All pumps are manufactured under MSI’s ISO 9001 quality program established in 1993.