API Spec

Dixie Iron Works, Ltd. has a functioning quality program certified to API Q1 (Q1-1748) and ISO 9001 (ISO-1890) specifications. Dixie Iron Works, Ltd. is also a API 6A Monogram licensed facility as evidenced by license No. 6A0001.1. All products and services provided by Dixie Iron Works, Ltd. conform Dixie Iron Work’s QSM, ISO 9001, API Q1, and if applicable Nace and API 6A. The technical content of API Specification 6A provides requirements for performance, design, materials, testing, inspection, welding, marking, handling, storage and shipment. Products that fall under the scope of our API 6A license are as follows: PSL 1-3 Blind and Test Flanges, Threaded Connectors, Plug Valves, Chokes, Tees and Crosses, Adapters and Spacer Spools.