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Pump Model

Brake Horsepower Rating
600 bhp Triplex (2.75" - 4.50" plungers)1000 bhp Quintuplex (2.75" - 4.50" plungers)1300 bhp Quintuplex (2.75" & 3.00" plungers only)

Assembly Type
Complete pump assemblies are equipped with an MSI relief valve set to the max working pressure of the plunger size selected.
Complete PumpComplete Fluid End Only

Gear Reducer Mounting
Side Note: Orientation as viewed from the back of the power frame (See image below).

Gear Reducer Style
Both gear reducers have a final drive ratio of 4.611:1. The Long Drive model allows for the driveshaft to cross over or under the power end.
Standard (13.00" gear centers)Long Drive (16.50" gear centers) - *Additional Cost Required*

Gear Reducer Mounting Position
Please see the following images for reference
Desired Gear Reducer Position:  

Right Hand Standard Gear Reducer Positions
Note: Long Drive only available in positions 4,5,9,13, and 14.

Right Hand Standard Gear Reducer Positions

Left Hand Standard Gear Reducer Positions
Note: Long Drive only available in positions 4,5,9,13, and 14.

Left Hand Standard Gear Reducer Positions

Gear Reducer Input Flange
Series number corresponds to Dana/Spicer connections
1810 Series (Standard on Triplex models)1950 Series (Standard on Quintuplex models)1880 Series (Option for Triple x or Quintuplex models)

Fluid End Material
Standard Steel (low alloy carbon steel)Premium Stainless Steel (high alloy carbon steel)

Fluid End Blocks

Fluid End Blocks

Plunger Size (Small Fluid End, 2.75" ‐ 3.00")
2.75" (15,000 psi Maximum Working Pressure)3.00" (15,000 psi Maximum Working Pressure)

Plunger Size (Large Fluid End, 3.25" ‐ 4.50")
3.25" (11,020 psi Maximum Working Pressure)3.50" (11,020 psi Maximum Working Pressure)4.00" (8,438 psi Maximum Working Pressure)4.50" (6,667 psi Maximum Working Pressure)

Suction/Discharge Cover Nuts
MSI PumpSafe™ Locking Cover NutsNon-Locking Cover Nuts

Gauge Connections (2"1502F)

Gauge Connections

Please select desired gauge connection location(s)
NonePort 1Port 2Port 3Port 4 (Quintuplex only)Port 5 (Quintuplex only)

Discharge Connections

Discharge Connections

Left Side Discharge Connection
Male UnionFemale UnionBlankElbow UnionNone

Right Side Discharge Connection
Male UnionFemale UnionBlankElbow UnionNone

Connection Size
2"15023"1502 (1000 bhp only)

Pressure Relief Valve Installation Location
Gauge Connection (requires at least one gauge connection, please specify port below)Discharge Connection (requires 2 connections, one must be 2"1502F, please specify side below)

Suction Manifold

Suction Manifold

Suction Manifold Main Tube Size (ID)
4"5"6"Not Applicable - No Suction Manifold Desired

Suction Manifold End Connections
Victaulic Standard Groove (default)Other (please specify below)

Suction Manifold Drain Ports
None / Not Applicable1"602 (Plug and Wingnut)2"206 (Plug and Wingnut)3"206/207 (Cap)4"206/207 (Cap)Other (please specify below)

Drain Port Angle
Not Applicable0° (straight down)45° out90° out

Non‐Packing Seal Material
NBR (250°F max)FKM (450°F max)

Plunger Packing

Plunger Packing

Plunger Packing Seal Ring Arrangement and Material
3SF NBR (med-pressure, economic choice3SF FKM (high temperature, acid/aromatics3SF SuperGold (high pressure, high temperature, longer lasting1SSF NBR (severe service1SSF FKM (450°F max)UTEX 1SSF SuperGold (300°F max)CDI WSP01 PTFE (300°F max)CDI WSP17 HNBR (300°F max)Other (please specify below)

Paint Specification
Gray PrimerNo Paint (Zinc-Phosphate coating only)Other (please specify paint code below)

Please understand that these pumps will be assembled to order with the customer specified configurations and special requests. Once the pumps are shipped any alterations to the pumps will be at the customer’s expense. These costs will include travel and lodging costs, parts, labor costs, including overtime pay and any incurred cost that would be necessary to comply with the changes desired by the customer.


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