Who We Are

Hello. My name is Gerard Danos and I am honored to be the third leader of Dixie Iron Works, LTD. Dixie is an Alice, Texas company that began business in 1933. I am humbled to follow in the footsteps of our founder, Frank Ussery, and Dixie’s second owner, Joseph Merritt, who helped start Manifold Systems Incorporated in 1987, today known as “MSI,” our primary product line.

From the very beginning, Dixie was known as the quality machine shop in South Texas. Pure luck will not earn you 87+ years of being in the oilfield business, but a company-wide commitment to quality of output, customer satisfaction and respect for employees can. Product Quality at MSI has been independently certified since we received our API 6A license, serial # 1, the year after MSI started business. That’s right, we earned the very first API 6A license! In 1993, our Quality System was independently certified, when we received ISO 9001 certification, well before ISO was recognized as the arbiter of quality systems in the oilfield equipment business.

Today, our commitment to our customers and employees is summed up succinctly in our Mission Statement: provide the highest quality, safest flow control equipment available.

Our valves, fittings, well service pumps and other flow control equipment are shipped globally from our two manufacturing plants in Texas [yes, we still manufacture all our equipment in the USA!], serviced by our technicians in 4 company locations in the US and Canada, and stocked in those 4 locations and 13 partner locations around the globe for your needs.

I invite you to peruse this website and then contact us with any questions, ideas or feedback. Thanks for reading,
Gerard L. Danos II